“It’s fine, I can fix it on my own.”


“I don’t have time for that stuff.”


“It’s easier to just keeping pushing foward.”


Those are phrases taken straight from the women who turned down the Design Your Fulfilled Life Program.

Mallory chose to invest in herself by investing in the Design Your Fulfilled Life Program. 

Learn about her experience with the program below.



Mallory’s experience with Design Your Fuflilled Life

What was the problem or challenge(s) you were having before you discovered the Design Your Fulfilled Life Program? What else had you tried?

Before finding the Design Your Fulfilled Life Program, I struggled with depression, anxiety, not knowing who I was anymore or what I wanted, and more than anything, feeling like an outsider and a spectator to my own life. I had tried counseling, self-help books, and worse, ignoring my feelings altogether.

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

For a year, trying to solve my problems felt like sinking deeper into a pit. It was like the more I tried to find myself, the more that self slipped out of reach. I felt like I was reaching for some indefinable, unreachable goal that I knew I should believe in but didn’t really feel in my gut or my heart because I didn’t REALLY know what it was I was trying to attain.

What was your biggest desire before the program?

My biggest desire before starting the program was quite simply to reacquaint myself with who I was, and more importantly, who I wanted to be.

How did you first hear about the Design Your Fulfilled Life program?

I heard about the Design Your Fulfilled Life through Facebook. Jennifer was a former coworker, boss, and always a mentor. I had followed Wanderlust and Wellness since its conception, as seeing Jennifer designing and defining her own goals was always an inspiration to me.

What was your first impression?

My first impression was anxious excitement. When I first read the description of the program, it spoke directly to what I wanted to accomplish, but I knew it was going to require some very difficult work from me.

Were you skeptical of any of the claims it made? If yes, what? Why?

I didn’t feel skeptical of the program at all. I knew Jennifer’s passion, and through my own exploration in therapy, I knew this program would build upon exactly what I was working on in said therapy. I knew this was exactly the next step for me.

What was your biggest fear in hiring Jennifer and joining the DYFL program?

My biggest fear in joining the DYFL program was that, after years of forcing my feelings down, I wouldn’t allow myself to be completely vulnerable and honest with myself.

What was different about the DYFL program that drew you to it?

I had looked to physical health programs for so long to try to fix me. I couldn’t commit to a single one of them for very long because my head was so all over the place. What drew me to this program was that it was an active exploration of what in my mind was holding me back from all of the other things I wanted to accomplish. It was more active than simply journaling. It required daily input, accountability, and talking to someone openly.

Take us to the moment when you realized the Design Your Fulfilled Life Program was actually working to solve your problem(s). What did it FEEL like when you saw the strategies start working?

The moment I realized just what the DYFL was helping me to accomplish was during the Fear module. This module awoke the only skepticism I had felt in the program, but it turned out to provide the most impact of all of the modules. I literally felt a weight I had been carrying for so long lift and felt I really could become an active participant in my life again.

What was the biggest challenge that my service helped you solve?

I had felt stuck for so long. I felt like this program and Jennifer’s guidance finally put my feet on a path, pushing me to move in a meaningful direction for the first time in years.

What was it like to work with Jennifer?

Jennifer’s passion for helping to empower is so encouraging and infectious. She asked the hard questions in such a way that being vulnerable was not so difficult. She had such a way of creating a safe environment, while truly challenging me because, after all, if I didn’t put in the work, the program wouldn’t be so successful. She made me want to do the work.

When did you know the DYFL program was really successful?

I knew the DYFL program was really successful when I was willing and able to set goals for myself. I had always taken life a day at a time for fear of disappointment. Setting tangible and attainable goals, some of which have already been met since completing the program, was a HUGE step for me!

What does your life look like now that you’ve completed the program?

I am so much more conscientious of where I am in my life and where I want to be. I am far from perfect, but I am so much more thoughtful of my choices and when I slide, which I still do, I am much quicker to realize it and return to my goals, my personal mantras, my personal mission statement (all created in this program) to help me through those times.

What would be the three most valuable benefits of this program?

The three most valuable benefits of this program would be that it provides an opportunity to truly invest in one’s self, to put all other things aside and focus on that inner life. Also, it allows the capability to identify fears and hurdles of which one may not even be aware that effect the ability to live one’s desired life. Finally, it is a valuable resource that also serves as a reminder that we all have our struggles, but we are not alone in those struggles and we are so much stronger than we believe.

Would you recommend this program to others?

I would, I have, and I will continue to do so.

Ready to go deeper and fully rediscover yourself?

If you’re ready to look at yourself in the mirror you fully love the person you see, embracing all of your stories, experiences, decisions as valuable pieces of your journey to where you are at this exact moment, then join me for the next Design Your Fulfilled Life Program. Eight weeks of both independent learning and one-to-one coaching, all within a safe and supported environment.

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

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