My Affirmations Aren’t Working!!

Does this sound familiar?

Have you been consistently whispering your self-affirmations daily and yet your head is still filled with negative thoughts and emotions?

This is all too common, and unfortunately what happens is we give up. We chalk affirmations up to just another woo-woo gimmick that doesn’t create any change in our lives.

When our self-affirmations aren’t working, it’s normally because there’s a disconnect between what we’re saying (affirmations) and what we’re feeling (honesty).

If we do not honestly and intuitively feel our self-affirmations, our minds will blow them off.

We must start with our present state, where we are at this very moment. Our affirmations must ring true to our brains.

I’ll give you an example.

When I first started my health journey I would say self-affirmations such as:

I am healthy and strong.

I make consistent healthy choices.

I love exercising daily and it helps me reach my ideal weight.

I easily control my weight through a combination of healthy eating and exercising

What happened?

My brain said, ‘Uhm, yeah right lady!”

Those affirmations were essentially a lie because they were not true, I did not align with those nor was I actually doing any of that.

I was not making consistent healthy choices.

I did not love exercising.

I did not easily control my weight.

So, the sirens went off in my brain; “LIE, LIE, LIE” and downward I spiraled.

What I needed to do instead, was create self-affirmations that were in fact true, that aligned with my current state.

Let’s adjust the language in those same affirmations:

Every day in every way I am becoming healthier.

I am learning to accept my body at every stage of my health journey.

I am struggling with consistency but I am learning how to overcome this.

Even though there may be setbacks, I am making progress.

See how the change in wording created affirmations that were true?

Instead of my brain freaking out, it instead said, “You’re right, good job!” (and maybe even gave me a little high-five!)

Our brain is smart; we try to fool it but it’s always one step ahead of us.

Self-affirmations must represent the truth, must be honest, and must sit well with us.

If your self-affirmations aren’t working, don’t give up just yet!

Look at what you’ve been using and see if you can adjust the wording to feel a little more accurate, a little more true to your current state.

If you need a jump start, check out my self-affirmation guide that contains over 70 self-affirmations for six core life areas.

Or, if you’re still struggling and would like some clarity moving forward, jump on a clarity call with me and let’s realign your affirmations.

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