Ready to release the overwhelm and make living a balanced lifestyle a non-negotiable?

Go from lost and overwhelmed to happy and fulfilled

You’re proud of the life you’ve worked so hard for, yet, something just feels off. You’re vaguely dissatisfied with life but you just can’t quite pinpoint exactly what the problem is.

You feel like you’re spinning in circles, reading the next personal development book, trying the next “right” step, but it’s just not working. Then you beat yourself up with negative self-talk thinking, “Why can’t I just be happy?!”

It’s like a mirage, every time you get closer to finally feeling content and balanced, it continues to be just out of reach.

On the outside you look like you’ve got your shit together, you’re one badass mamma crossing tasks off our to-do list like no other. You’re taking care of everyone, doing all the things, people even praise you for how well you “balance” life.

But it doesn't feel that way on the inside.

You feel disconnected and overwhelmed. You feel a bit lost, like you’ve lost YOU after years of wearing all the name badges: mom, wife, boss, friend, etc.

You’re functioning on autopilot. You’re stuck in a cycle of trying to find the magic fix to finally reach that pinnacle of happiness, balance, and fulfillment. Life feels a bit like Groundhog Day, rinse and repeat. Eventually autopilot stops working and things come to a crashing halt.

The problem is you’re looking in all the wrong places. You’re looking for the answers on the outside: books, podcasts, articles, but the answers all lie on the inside, within our inner self.

You must look inward before you can move forward. Without uncovering the layers of YOU, from all your experiences, relationships, wins, and losses, without a true shift in our inner game, you’re just running in quicksand. Hoping to get to your destination but never getting any closer.

It’s time to reconnect, realign, and rediscover YOU again.

Rock Your Happy is not another personal development program aimed at ‘fixing’ you. Instead, it’s designed to guide you as you reconnect, realign, and rediscover you again. It’ a program about strengthening your belief in yourself as you go through an internal transformation.

When you look at yourself in the mirror you’ll fully love the person you see. You’ll feel aligned and reconnected to the real you again. You’ll finally feel a sense of balance, peace, and flow in all areas of your life.

You’ll have a strong foundation from a place of alignment to fully trust your choices and decisions, and know that you are enough just as you are. The sense of inner peace you’ll feel on the inside will finally match what you portray on the outside

You’ll know that you can live in alignment with your core desired feelings and still be a wonderful mother, wife, or partner. You’ll fully know and believe that it’s okay to choose you, to set boundaries, and to nurture your needs.

You’ll wake up each morning energized and excited about the day ahead, knowing that this day and the next are part of your aligned plan, the plan that you designed. You know your path, you know the steps, and even though it may feel scary, you move forward towards living your best life.

It’s time to start living a life that sets your soul on fire.

Meet Mallory

The personal growth I experienced in working with Jennifer through her program astounds me on a daily basis. Learning to confront my fears, limiting beliefs, and the life I want to lead was and continues to be liberating. The lessons provided in the program continue to be a guiding factor in my daily life, and I continue to improve the quality of my life each day through those lessons. Jennifer provided a safe and encouraging environment in which to navigate what makes me me and how to move forward as the best me possible!


You can experience the same powerful personal transformation as Mallory.

At the end of the 8-week transformational journey, you will:

  • Understand how your past stories and experiences make you whole

  • Feel empowered and in control of your internal dialogue

  • Have the ability to make growth decisions to propel you forward

  • Embrace a loving and appreciative relationship with yourself through self-love, care and compassion

  • Understand your core values and core desired feelings in all areas of our life

  • Be able to set boundaries, ask for what you want, and advocate for yourself without fear or shame

  • Design the framework for living your best life

Each week includes independent learning and a 60 minute one-on-one call with me. During this one-on-one call we’ll process that week’s activities and work through what surfaced. This one-on-one collaboration is what takes this program from a buy-and-go course to a life-changing, transformational program.

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

I’m on a mission to empower high-achieving women release the overwhelm in order to create a more balanced lifestyle. After spending 20 years pushing my way up the corporate ladder, I realized that I was chasing a mirage. What I thought would bring me satisfaction in life, the career, the title, the salary, the degrees, the recognition, was slowly killing me. I realized I wasn’t living in alignment with how I truly wanted to feel and it was throwing my entire life off balance. 


These are the silent killers of high-achieving women. 

Making the decision to let go of the alpha-female, masculine mindset and step into a more balanced lifestyle was the best decision I ever made. I want to empower other high-achieving women to release the overwhelm and create a more balanced lifestyle.

You’re ready for change, REAL change. You’re tired of the endless Groundhog Day cycle that’s left you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected.

By working with me you can rest assured I will provide value with integrity:

Respect and honor for every individual situation.

Privacy, no information is ever shared.

Judgement-free coaching.

Honest guidance, never forcing you onto a path that doesn’t work for you.

Here's what you can expect inside Rock Your Happy

8 weekly live calls with Jennifer to guide you through your transformation

Weekly modules containing videos and activities to guide your journey

Printable workbook for all activities

Guided meditations for each module

Plus these bonuses!!

Introduction to Chakra healing as you clear emotional blocks on your journey

LIVE guided meditation with Jennifer

Special gift mailed straight to your house

Meet Laura

Before the program, I felt like I didn’t know myself, and I felt somewhat dissatisfied with my life and relationships and like I was struggling with my internal thoughts and internal/external expectations. I felt like I was going in circles… constantly thinking and wondering and trying to understand myself and getting nowhere. The more pressure I put on myself the worse I felt. Just kind of internally spinning, spinning, spinning and making myself sick.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already overwhelmed as it is! How much of a time commitment is this program?

I totally understand. As high-achieving women our schedules are maxed out. This program is designed to run over the course of 8 weeks. You’ll have one 60-minute call with me each week and you’ll want to complete that week’s activities prior to our call. You’ll receive an estimated time needed for each activity, ranging from 1-2 hours. On average, I would devote at least 2 hours per week to the program to fully implement and receive the full transformation. With that being said, consider the personal cost of not investing the time now and where will you be a year from now if you continually put yourself on the back burner? 

One on one coaching kind of intimidates me.

You’re absolutely right! Opening up to someone can be scary! However, know that I am not here to judge or reprimand, I’m here to hold the safe space for you to process and guide you. Think of me as your guide, rather than your instructor. Everything discussed inside the program and inside the coaching calls is completely confidential and never goes outside of our one on one call. 

I'm a strong woman, I'm not sure this is right for me.

The joy of releasing the overwhelm, the alpha-female mindset is realizing you can be a strong woman and still find a more balanced lifestyle. You’re not giving up driving the bus, you’re simply ushering in more peace and flow into your life. Rock Your Happy transforms your life from the inside out. For some women, this may mean huge shifts in their external world. For others, it may mean more internal shifts but still appear as the same strong, woman on the outside as you were before. Every transformation is individual. 

My husband, friends and family think investing in a program like this is a waste of time and money.

Everything in life is a choice. Allowing the worry of what others may think can only keep us stuck in that Groundhog Day cycle of overwhelm and discontent. Empowerment comes from within, you don’t need permission to create the change you desperately want or need. 

How long do I have access to the program?

You’ll have access to the program itself for 12 weeks; that’s four weeks beyond the end of the program.