The Power is Within You series is a 12 week series where we’re going to focus solely on the mental side of making a lifestyle change. Within this series there will be a collection of journaling exercises that are going to help you get down deep inside yourself to really help you make that transition from a diet mindset to lifestyle.

This week brings you the second activity in the series, Connecting to Your WHY. Understanding WHY you want to make a healthy lifestyle change helps you reconnect to the most powerful driving force behind the change you want to see: YOU! This journaling exercise will help you connect to and understand your WHY behind the changes you want to make.

For this exercise you’re going to complete a visualization activity and then connect that visualization to your daily journal writing over the next week.

We’re going to tap into our mood, emotions, sights, sounds, and even smells surrounding our visualizations. Connecting to your WHY is so powerful, this is one of the most important beginning exercises when working on changing your mindset and behaviors.

Download and print the template below for this exercise:

Connecting to Your WHY – Journal Template

You’ll first begin with a visualization activity, and then you’ll proceed into identifying your true WHY. From there, you’re going to journal daily over the seven days using your WHY statement as your daily prompt.

After the first 7 days of this activity, reflect back upon your journal entries and ask yourself am I connected to my WHY? Are my actions aligned with my WHY? If you notice a disconnect, keep journaling until you’re able to connect your WHY with your daily actions. There will be roadblocks and challenges along the way, but as long as you stay connected to your WHY you’ll be able to overcome these challenges.

Come back here to this blog post and share what you discovered. Or, if you’d like a more intimate, private support setting, join us over in the Wanderlust and Wellness Community Group!

Next week we’ll move onto the third exercise in the The Power is Within You series where we’ll dive into our limiting beliefs and talk about positive affirmations.

The Power is Within You - A 12 Week Series by Wanderlust and Wellness