Scaling into a Healthy Lifestyle with Jessica Scully

Episode 20

WWP020: Scaling into a Healthy Lifestyle with Jessica Scully from

Today in Episode 20, we’re talking with Jessica Scully from Paleo Scaleo.

Just by reading Jessica’s backstory on her own nutritional journey I knew we were soul sisters. As Jessica described it, Growing up, her family had a joke that the only green thing she would eat was mushy canned peas (except it wasn’t really a joke, because it was true). In college, she expanded her horizons to include sliced tomatoes drowned in ranch dressing at the cafeteria. Cereal was her favorite food, which she would consume in serving-bowl sized portions. I know I’m not the only one who can relate to that, am I right? Jessica’s nutritional journey evolved once she found Paleo. She eased her way into a Paleo lifestyle that works for her, which was her vision behind Paleo Scaleo. With anything in life, scaling into a change in life will inevitably lead to longer lasting results. And that’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode; how to learn to scale for long-lasting results.

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