The Awkward Dinner Guest with Meagan Fikes

Episode 13

WWP013: The Awkward Dinner Guest with Meagan Fikes from Eat Something Delicious

In episode 013, we’re talking with Meagan Fikes from Eat Something Delicious.

After spending most of her life from childhood on feeling sick and taking over the counter pain medicine for constant headaches and joint pain, Meagan finally received testing for food sensitivities after reading another woman’s story on how she healed herself from joint pain after giving up grains. Meagan did in fact test positive for gluten intolerance and many other food sensitivities. But, like both Meagan and myself have discovered, having food sensitivities can be a very isolating experience.

Her story is like so many others I hear, and our hope is that we can help any of our listeners out there that may be also silently suffering with food sensitivities or feeling isolated after a diagnosis.


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