Mastering Fear NOW!

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

I’m on a mission to empower high-achieving women to release the overwhelm in order to create a more balanced lifestyle. After spending 20 years pushing my way up the corporate ladder, I realized that I was chasing a mirage. What I thought would bring me satisfaction in life: the career, the title, the salary, the degrees, the recognition, was slowly killing me. I realized I wasn’t living in alignment with how I truly wanted to feel and it was throwing my entire life off balance.

  • Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • Anxiety

These are the silent killers of high-achieving women.

Making the decision to let go of the overwhelm and the alpha-female, masculine mindset and step into a more balanced lifestyle was the best decision I ever made. I wants to empower other high-achieving women to also release the overwhelm and create a more balanced lifestyle.

It’s time to reconnect, realign, and rediscover YOU again!