“Do yourself a favor and do the work – it’s hard, but so worth it!”


Laura’s experience with the Rock Your Happy Program

What was the problem or challenge(s) you were having before you discovered the Rock Your Happy Program? What else had you tried?

I felt like I didn’t know myself, and I felt vaguely dissatisfied with my life and relationships and like I was struggling with my internal thoughts and internal/external expectations..

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

Like I was going in circles… constantly thinking and wondering and trying to understand myself and getting nowhere. The more pressure I put on myself the worse I felt. Just kind of internally spinning, spinning, spinning and making myself sick.

What was your biggest desire before the program?

To find inner peace.

How did you first hear about the Rock Your Happy program?

I had seen Jennifer’s posts about the program and really felt like she was talking to me, although she never called me, out of course. I decided to join the program and I’m SO glad that I did.

What was your first impression?

OMG, this is going to be so much work. This is so hard… the minute I realized I was going to have to really dig deep and put the time in and do the work I was intimidated and wanted to run/give up.

What was your biggest fear in hiring Jennifer and joining the Rock Your Happy program?

Being vulnerable. Quitting half-way through and getting nothing out of it because I quit on myself… again.

What was different about the Rock Your Happy program that drew you to it?

Seeing how Jennifer transformed her own outlook on life. She’s such a positive inspiration to me!

Take us to the moment when you realized the Rock Your Happy program was actually working to solve your problem(s). What did it FEEL like when you saw the strategies start working?


What was the biggest challenge that Jennifer’s service helped you solve?

Not understanding myself or showing myself compassion… taking the time to do the work to analyze where you came from, why it made you the way that you are, and then to take it the next step further and do the work to determine who you’re going to be (because the past doesn’t define us!) was instrumental to changing my mindset about my entire life in general. Every aspect of my life has improved because of the work I did here. (Although, of course I’m still a work in progress!)

What was it like to work with Jennifer?

Jennifer is open, honest, kind and non-judgmental. She gave me a safe space to be brutally honest without fear. And she’s good at getting me to see things I couldn’t see before, although she rarely spelled it out for you… she guides you to get there and see it yourself!

When did you know the Rock Your Happy program was really successful?

When I took several months off in the middle of the program (due to the stresses of life and feeling overwhelmed by the thought of continuing) and then continued anyway and finished. I have almost always quit on myself before. But I recognized that I was already getting so much out of the program and seeing such positive changes that I finally really wanted to get back to it. I’m so glad I did!

What does your life look like now that you’ve completed the program?

I’m still a work-in-progress, of course. But I’m clear on the things I still need to work on to get to the inner peace I crave and I didn’t have that before. I feel in control of my feelings and my reactions and the people around me have noticed a calmer, kinder, happier me. I look at my core values, my mission statement, and my core desired feelings daily and I make decisions based on those things, which has allowed me to let go of a lot of internal and external expectations that were causing such overwhelm in my life.

What would be the three most valuable benefits of this program?

Getting to really know yourself, creating a clear focus for how you want to feel in the important areas of your life and being able to make decisions with that knowledge in mind, and working through all of this on paper so that you can go back and see how far you’ve come since the beginning!

Would you recommend this program to others?

Without question. Do yourself a favor and do the work – it’s hard, but so worth it!

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