Frankincense is my second favorite F-word

I promised to let you in on a little secret for 2018, and here it is! Wanderlust and Wellness is teaming up with doTerra Essentail Oils in order to bring the healing power of oils to the women we work with.

I firmly believe in the healing, grounding, and balancing power of these oils, especially when it comes to emotional wellness. I’ve joined a rockstar collective of amazing energy healers and lightworkers and together we’ve formed an essential oil collective. Together we’ll be bringing forth transformational strategies for using oils in your everyday life in order to stay calm, connected, and grounded.

I didn’t just select this partnership on a whim, the Universe brought me to this collective. I declared 2018 as the year to get intentional AF and only bring forth the tools, resources, and information that will help the women I work with. My decision to incorporate essential oils into my coaching practice and programs is a prime example of this intentional living.

Maybe you’ve heard of essential oils?

Maybe you use them regularly?

Maybe your only experience with them is your social media feeds filled with people selling them.

Here’s my take on what essential oils are and are not:

Essential Oils Are….

Naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds found in seeds, bard, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of the plants.

Can be used through aromatic, topical, and internal methods (when used appropriately).

Can elicit powerful physiological, mental, and emotional responses.

Just to name a few…

Essential Oils Are Not…

All created equally. It’s important to do your research and use essential oils that have been responsibly sourced and CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade tested.

An MLM snake oil scheme. 

A one size fits all solution. It’s important to test different oils and oil combinations to find what works for you. 

Just to name a few….

Why I Chose doTerra?

Having experienced the healing power of oils personally, I knew I wanted to incorporate the usage of oils for emotional support and healing within my programs. Essential oils are another tool in your toolbox when it comes to building up self-confidence, releasing anxiety, overwhelm, and stress, while also helping you become grounded and calm. I view essential oils as another avenue to help the women who come to Wanderlust and Wellness. The Universe brought me oils during my own healing journey, it’s my turn to pay it forward.

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