Welcome to Wanderlust and Wellness! My very first blog post. Jeepers, this is so exciting! (Channeling my inner Velma there.) I’m sure in a few years I will look back to this first post and laugh (maybe even cringe), but I know I will be proud for taking that first step toward living life by my design.

If you’ve read my ‘about me’ section, you know that I am a lover of the Paleo lifestyle. I suffered from a lot of gastro issues (I’ll spare you the details) and ended up at a crossroads. I could either continue eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) full of processed foods, refined sugars andguac2 carbohydrates, artificial and other toxic ingredients, or I could switch to a diet that encompassed fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and grass-fed meats. After slowly transitioning my daily diet over to the Paleo lifestyle, I immediately felt relief from so many issues. Just a note….I am by no means an expert in Paleo, nor is my goal to convince you to follow the Paleo lifestyle. We all have to find what works for us with a goal of eating to fuel our bodies with nutritious, whole foods. But if you LOVE Paleo, you’ve come to the right spot!

For me, the challenge with Paleo eating is the fact that so many recipes include nut-based ingredients: nut flour, nut butters, nut milk, and just plain nuts! When you suffer from a life-threatening nut allergy like I do, the challenge is real. For years I told my friends, “I’m going to write a Paleo cookbook for people with nut allergies!” Two years later, here I am. I want to create a space where my fellow nut-allergy, Paleo-loving friends can come and easily find tasty, nut-free Paleo recipes without spending hours scanning Pinterest and Google.

Alongside my love for Paleo eating is my love for traveling. You may have noticed the title of this blog, Wanderlust and Wellness. I guess I could have named it Nut-Free Cavewoman, or something fun like that, but I wanted to include my wanderlust travels. Traveling and eating healthy can be a challenge. I’ll share my tips for eating healthy and nut-free while on the open road (you know, snacks that don’t include granola and bars loaded with nuts!)

Let this wild ride begin!