Jennifer Shreckengost

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I love food, coffee, cats, wine and traveling. I’m on a mission to create a balanced, yet fulfilled life, and help other women do the same. Somewhere along the way, after years as mom, wife, boss, we lose ourselves. We stay in careers we despise, we put our health on the backburner and we start wishing and never actually doing. We’re taught that you can only chase your dreams when you’re young, not when you’re 40+ and I’m here to show you that you absolutely can create a life around eating well, living well, and traveling often even at this stage in life. 

By the time we hit 40 we’ve all but given up on our dreams, right? Or, we’ve spent so many years wearing other hats; mom, wife, boss, that we don’t even know what our dreams are. They’re just faint daydreams at this point. 

You’ve spent years putting yourself last in everything; health, hobbies, dreams, because you believed it was your duty as wife and mom. 

You desperately want something more, something different, but you don’t even know where to start or how it could look. You’ve given up on your dreams because let’s be honest, at this point it’s too late in the game to even bother getting started. 

Despite the kids, who you absolutely love, despite your partner, who you absolutely adore, despite the stellar career, you just feel like something is missing. 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

This is where I was. The good news is you can absolutely have it all. You can create that fufilled life and still be a good mom and wife. The key is finding your core values and aligning everything within those. 

It’s okay to chase your dreams. 
It’s okay to put yourself first. 
It’s okay to make changes after 40. 


That’s our goal here at Wanderlust and Wellness. To help each and every one of you create a fulfilled life, one that sets your soul on fire.